SMIRNOFF // Comedy

Welcome to the Fun%

When I was in art school my friends and I didn’t have a lot of money, but we loved having a good time. To do so, we often had to get resourceful, “Kiwi Ingenuity” as we called it. Things definitely got weird. At the center of it all was a few cheap beers, some performance art, a big group of friends, and usually a bottle of Smirnoff. We never knew what was going to happen and that’s exactly how we liked it.

By every comparable metric Smirnoff is as good if not better than all those fancy “premium” brands that cost WAY too much. From my art school days all the way to today, we’ve always wanted quality from our vodka, not status. A bottle of Grey Goose doesn’t mean you’ve got great taste, it means you spent too much money on your vodka. The Fun% are all of us who are creative, self-assured, smart, and a little weird. It’s not elitist bullshit, it’s a fully inclusive celebration because Smirnoff is for everyone.

Why This is Awesome...

Ted Danson is an incredible talent and his skills were expertly displayed in the previous campaign. He’s cool, funny, self-deprecating, it was a perfect fit. This time, however, we’re going to take this Ferrari out of the garage, so to speak, and show off what he can really do. This time we’re giving him a playmate, a foil, a scene partner and I think you’re going to see him take things to another level. Ted’s amazing when he has somebody play off of and putting him in fun scenarios with other talented people is going to get amazing results.

He also perfectly fits into the world of the Fun% because he’ll enjoy the subversion of the 1%. That’s where we can really make this stand out. We’ll be taking the institutions of the wealthy and refined and making them cool and relevant and creative. Whether it’s fine art, tennis, hunting or golf, we’re going to take their world and make it our own. When they see this, the 1% will drop their monocles.

With that in mind, these spots should look like spontaneous parties thrown by a bunch of art school kids and Ted Danson just happened to show up because he’s THAT cool. They’ll have the feel of contemporary art, or innovative photography, but with a colorful, playful pop feel. It isn’t “hipster” as there’s nothing pretentious or self-serious about this project. It’s mainstream, inclusive fun that everybody can enjoy (responsibly).

What Does Fun% Mean?

I think the Fun% can be summed up in a pottery class that I took when I was living in London. Every Tuesday I’d attend this class with about twenty or thirty like-minded people all crammed into an old warehouse in Shoreditch. We took part in what was absolutely the loosest art class imaginable. We were drinking, eating cheese and smoking cigarettes with dusty, clay-covered hands. The students were people of all kinds: different ages, nationalities, sexual preferences. It didn’t matter, all were welcome. Towards the end of the class, it’d start to get rowdy and suddenly clay would be flying around the room. We’d end up covered in the stuff. In the summer we’d all leave class and find a park to continue the party. It was pretty heavy for the middle of the week and the pottery I made was dogshit, but fuck it was fun. That to me is what being part of the Fun% is all about.