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The people trading stocks with Schwab don’t see this activity as a simple hobby. Fantasy Football is a hobby. Fishing is a hobby. This is... something else. The stakes are higher, the thrill is greater, and the skill level required can’t be faked. There’s no luck involved. This is for smart, successful, thoughtful investors who have nerves of steel and always do their homework.

These films will capture the energy and excitement of stock trading with Schwab. We’ll follow the entire process from inspiration, to execution, to the follow-up with a Schwab Trading Specialist. Our audience will see that Schwab truly knows what it’s like to be a trader, and has gone above and beyond to make the experience better, faster, and more user-friendly.

The way to most effectively convey Schwab’s deep understanding of their customers is through authentic, genuine, detailed filmmaking. Like a Jason Bourne movie this project will portray the trader as a technician. We’ll highlight the attitude, the tools, the dedication, and the preparation. This isn’t sweaty, struggling, life and death spy business, but it’s cool, calculated maneuvering and the thrill of the chase. It’s using your wits and experience to get an upper hand, and the anticipation leading up to the moment you pull the trigger (so to speak) and move on a stock at the exactly right time. We’ll show the fun side of stock trading with Schwab.

The look will be a heightened realism that is beautiful, natural, and cinematic. The imagery will be original, stylish and make Schwab stand head and shoulders above their competitors. This is an amazing opportunity to make some incredibly interesting and dynamic material. It’s something that really hasn’t been done before in a financial campaign. I can’t wait to start the process, and help you bring this unique and special project to life.


Rarely do you see campaigns for financial institutions that bring any level of artistry to their projects. They’re usually pretty sterile and unchallenging. This series of films for Schwab, however, will have style and panache, making the spots both effective and memorable.

These films will have texture and atmosphere while presenting a world that crackles with excitement, and energy. The life of these specific type of traders is one where they never go

off the clock. It could be 3am, or at the airport, or playing in the park with their kid - their investment strategy is always on their mind. They long for the next trade, they study for any edge they can find, and at their side, helping them through the day is Schwab. By showing the specific details of this lifestyle and getting into the mind and life of the trader, we’ll show that nobody understands their needs better than Schwab.

To visually support our stories the cinematography will be hyper-real and tactile. From the opening shot these films will look different from any other financial service spot. The camera will be loose, and often hand-held. Every frame will be beautifully composed, but also informative and deliberate. We’ll contrast perspective, taking close looks at the details of the world and then breaking out wide to see the context of the larger picture. Close-ups of eyes, hands on a keyboard, or facial expressions will be juxtaposed with full shots of offices, parks, homes to show this process from afar. The result will be a full and accurate representation of trading, and create a completely immersive experience for our viewer.

The pace of these spots will be like a less frenetic Paul Greengrass film. Fast but not choppy, the edit will show the enthusiasm of our characters while creating a rhythm that smoothly takes us through the trading process. Like a view into their mind, we’ll follow the seeds of a great idea and how it manifests into a trade. We’ll build anticipation not tension. Again, this shouldn’t make our viewer anxious, but instead be a celebration of the trading process.

For an added degree of authenticity, our actors will be familiar with actual online trading. It won’t look as though this is the first time they’ve ever made a trade. It has to be (or at least appear to be) part of their DNA. As a director I take a lot of pride and care in the performances I get from my actors, and will make sure whomever we hire is ready for the role.

I’ll take it a step further on set, working along side the talent - not from behind the monitor - making sure that we get lively and fresh material with every take. In my experience actors react well to feedback and constructive ideas. We need the cast to be unselfconscious and feel 100% comfortable. The excitement and energy I give to the cast will come back in the form of real and spontaneous performances.

The final result will be films that live in the moment with the trader, and prove that the best place to trade online is undoubtedly with Charles Schwab.