LYSOL // Comedy


See that? We’re already doing two things at once by having an opening line that not only conveys a friendly greeting, but also our gratitude that you thought of us for this hilarious spot!

As we said on the call, we love the premise here. Old, young, liberal, conservative — one thing we’re all guilty of is being terrible multitaskers and it’s time someone called us out on it. We would love to be a part of the team that does that.

It’s a rare treat when humor is woven into the very fabric of a spot, not just tossed into a few funny lines at the end. It elevates the entire piece and creates the kind of playful freedom that allows us to really excel creatively.

OK! Which five things should we start with first?


On the call, someone mentioned that we could shoot this script straight and it would still be funny. It’s definitely true, but we would love to turn the volume up by offering some fun alternative scenarios and really nailing the tone — especially when Mom “discovers” her free hand.

Sure, we’re all multi-tasking these days — that’s not the joke. The joke is that we’re all multi-tasking and we’re all horrible at it! We spill hot coffee on our laps as we turn left at major intersections. We wrestle with squirming infants while trying to reach heavy objects on high shelves. We text hilarious Friends gifs to our college friends while performing open-heart surgery. OK, maybe that last one isn’t as common, but it gets the point across — what we’re doing is absurd.

We want our characters’ tasks to be playful and heightened, and we want our characters to be doing them terribly, but our characters should also be executing them naturally. Managing several things at once never makes them frantic or feel overwhelmed. It’s as if they’re saying, this is just what we do these days — juggle newborns and flaming bowling balls.

Setting the spot up this way makes it all that more hilarious when the Lysol wipes swoop in and do their seamless multi-tasking magic. What will our Mom character do now that she’s left with a free hand? This vital appendage she no longer knows what to do with! Mom’s newly free hand is such a showstopper that the rest of the family — still stuck in their clumsy multi-tasking loops — are unable to register the wonder they’re beholding!

Good stuff.


The key to the first part of the spot, where our characters are gracelessly juggling their various tasks, is overshooting. If a character is blow-drying her hair and eating a McMuffin, we should experiment with a variety of takes. In one, our character’s focus is on eating, so she tangles her hair in the blow-drier, yet impeccably eats her McMuffin. In another, her focus is on her hair, so she smooths her hair perfectly, but gets McMuffin all over the front of her robe. In yet another, she’s all over the place — she frizzes her hair and has egg yolk all over her chin. By giving ourselves options, we’ll be able to see for ourselves what works best.

For the second part of the spot, we’re imagining a Bruegel or Bosch painting. Or maybe just Where’s Waldo? Whatever the case, we think it would be hilarious to pull from this singular moment of revelation that the Mom character has just had regarding her free hand into a wide that shows that all the little people around her — her husband, her son, her daughter still stuck in their scattered toil — have also noticed and are unable to process the miracle.