ISAAC MIZRAHI // Personal tech


As technology continues to seep into every aspect of our daily lives, one thing is becoming clear: classic design endures. CDs tried, but failed to make vinyl records obsolete. It turned out people prefer their music warm and soulful — not cold and digital.

The same goes with watches.

These days, even a cursory glance at a Smartphone during lunch seems tacky compared to the strength and confidence associated with wearing a wristwatch. Think Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in her iconic Cartier Tank or Charlize Theron in her Rolex Sea Dweller. And then put that finesse into a Smartwatch.

By infusing subtle technological advances into a classically-inspired timepiece, the Isaac Mizrahi SmartWatch is leading the way for women who want to stay informed with style and panache. I love the breezy, minimal nature of these spots. They perfectly reflect Mizrahi’s sprit and vision for a woman with style, as well as HP’s cutting edge, powerful technology. Thank you for considering me.


Smartphones have been around long enough that we’ve had the opportunity to digest their amazing functionality and are left thinking, “Now what?” The simple elegance of Isaac Mizrahi’s SmartWatch seems like a bold leap forward. It’s beautiful and versatile with an unobtrusive nod towards technology.

Unlike other spots highlighting digital innovation, the visual focus here is squarely on the woman and her impeccable sense of style. Through minimal imagery and bold body language, we get the message — she’s an dynamic woman with non-stop days and equally active nights. She’s modern and stylish, exuding a confidence that makes it clear she needs technology to bend to her lifestyle, not the other way around. She’s upbeat and individual – someone we all know and admire. The ideal woman isn’t necessarily fashion-forward, but she is stylish with a bit of an edge, in a way that says she just likes to look good. She is young at heart and it shows.

Combining the feminine strength and poise of the SmartWatch woman with gorgeous shots of the SmartWatch itself, the spots of this campaign convey what this innovative leap represents at its core — an elegant fusion of fashion and technology.


Shot in-studio, on backgrounds reflecting the color palette of the SmartWatch’s bands (white, pink, blue, beige) and the watch itself (gold and silver), the spots tell our woman’s story entirely through her body language, style and inherent radiance. We watch her seamlessly go from casual into chic evening attire. Her hair and makeup will reflect this versatility. Her daytime look will be fresh-faced and natural, while her nighttime look will be bold.

I love capturing dynamic, authentic performances. Our heroine’s smiles and laughter are genuine — so is the confidence she exudes. She’s happy, breezy, carefree. Her sometimes fun, sometimes elegant moves are alluring and kept exciting through quick cuts of her in a variety of outfits. It’s these gorgeous, flirty moments that make these spots shine. This is fashion — our woman cares how she looks and has that amazing style we all want. She knows how to choose the perfect earrings, belt and shoes, so of course she’d choose this watch. It’s smart. Gone is the clunky, masculine SmartWatch that dumbs her down. This is gorgeous jewelry with chic design that Swarovsky sparkle.

Open, airy lighting is soft and flattering. It underscores the fact our heroine moves through the world at a self-assured pace. One look at her wearing her SmartWatch might suggest she’s a few minutes late joining friends at the Farmer’s Market because her meeting with the developer of her new app went a little long. Another look hints that, even after picking up the kids and scrambling to get ready, she still remembered to bring her designer umbrella to the ballet.

The watch itself is a thing of beauty and will be photographed as such, shot in fluid and sweeping movements worthy of a high-end timepiece. The lighting will be cinematic to emphasize its luxurious elegance and sparkling Swarovski crystals. The cutting-edge HP technology driving the watch’s innovation is ever-present in the spot, yet tasteful.

We have on hand our team of award-winning designers and animators who will artfully highlight the understated digital displays on the watch’s classic face to convey the timepiece’s discreet power.