I’m thrilled you’re considering me for this spot — it’s like getting the band back together! Our last collaboration with Fruity Pebbles had a creativity and magic that was palpable in the final product. Because of that, I feel confident that you already understand certain things about me: My enthusiasm for the project, my attention to detail and my ability to work with kids. I’m excited to bring these assets into this campaign.

“Modern Intro” has an entirely different look and feel from our last collaborative effort. From the iconic squawk of the bird to the confetti culmination, this spot is about the kind of unbridled imagination that a balanced breakfast can unleash. Not only is it a license for kids to get creative — it’s a license for me to invent zany vehicles, weave in fun nods to The Flintstones, build a dynamic momentum of controlled chaos and orchestrate elaborate crane shots!

I am wildly excited about the challenge of this spot and feel the foundation we’ve already created together allows me the freedom to bring it to life as fully realized as it already feels in our imaginations.

Look & Feel

The first rays of sunlight blast through an ingeniously scrappy DIY tree house as a parrot on a nearby branch squawks the morning alarm — our first nod to the iconic Flintstones opening sequence. Our tomboy heroine pops her eyes open, primed for today’s adventure. Suited up in a homemade helmet and safety gear, she takes the last few bites of her Fruity Pebbles and clips into a zip-line cable, the Flintstones theme as her soundtrack. Two tree house doors open like a cuckoo clock and she bursts outside, zipping past camera like Fred sliding down a brontosaurus tail.

Now we’re gaining from behind on three kids zooming down the street in an old cast iron bathtub on wheels. Our heroine comes into view right of frame, piloting the craft with a handle, as her stalwart co-pilot and navigator run alongside, pushing bobsled- style. It would be fun to play with slow motion here to get a lock on their ecstatic faces.

The squad passes a mailbox reading “The Rubbles” as a group of arty kids ride by in their foot-powered Flintstones-like car engineered from patio cushions. The theme song suddenly kicks into rock mode when a kid playing scorching guitar rides a

speaker-powered bed on the other side of the street, his loyal fans rocking out alongside him.

More homemade jalopies come into view and suddenly it’s a pint-sized It’s A Mad Mad Mad Mad World: A surfer kid with a pole glides by on a surfboard on wheels, an inventor kid putts along in his cardboard go-kart complete with a toilet paper roll exhaust, a crafty duo powers a barge with a see-saw — resembling a railroad handcar. Adding to the creative frenzy is a marching band (doing their own take on the theme song) and cheerleaders doing kicks and cartwheels — the whole shebang.

After our lively Little-Rascals-meets-Mad-Max-Fury-Road crew culminates in front of their school, confetti cannons boom, welcoming them to another day. The camera booms up from a wide angle as a plane goes by, with a “Yabba Dabba Do!” Fruity Pebbles banner in tow.