DOVE // Beauty


We are thrilled this campaign pushes the groundbreaking concept of the “DOVE Woman” even further by showing women who are not only comfortable in their own skin, but in their own environment. When a woman is in her domain, she radiates a self-possession that’s palpable. To highlight that as a source of beauty is not only a significant cultural step, it’s one we feel creatively and emotionally aligned with as both filmmakers and photographers.


As a couple, our passion lies in creating images and eliciting performances that feel authentic and genuine. We draw on our ease with each other and our mutual respect as a unique source of strength — it allows us to foster the type of trusting environment where talent feels comfortable and can let their best, most beautiful selves shine through. What will make both the motion and print aspects of this project exceptional is our ability to capture the type of candid laughter and intimate fun that usually only happens between takes.

Encouraging a warm, natural rapport between the women and the camera is essential for creating the type of kindhearted, engaging film this campaign deserves. The camera should be experienced as an admiring friend sharing a celebratory moment with each of our characters in a way that feels empowering, playful, and light.

We understand the type of meticulous behind-the-scenes planning that goes into gorgeously capturing natural and relaxed performances. Being a directing team allows us to share these tasks — one of us is able to ensure the talent is fresh and spontaneous while the other can keep our crew focused on making the motion, still, and product shots come together as a seamless whole.

We are excited to portray each of our women as true individuals who also embody the spirit of DOVE. This is a woman who celebrates herself. She takes care of herself; she is energetic, irreverent, and optimistic. And the beauty of her skin only enhances the radiance she naturally possesses. In this spirit, we will create a look for the films that relies on photographic simplicity — clean light, a select palette of beautiful colors and moments of personality with each woman that feels effortless and full of life.


Casting is undoubtedly the most important element in this campaign. It’s also the part that we’re most looking forward to. Classic DOVE women have qualities that you can’t spot in a headshot, which is why we skip that step and concentrate on meeting talent in person. We’ll know our women by their warmth, their realness, their open faces and natural, radiating beauty.

The initial casting will be approached as a dialogue, a conversation with the talent that allows us to determine if they posses the essential qualities we’re looking for. We are exclusively looking for women who are relatable and engaging, but naturally emit kindness; Confident women who can speak enthusiastically to the camera in a way that’s believable.

We recommend a second stage to the casting process — a callback or workshop. In this workshop, we would create a casual, collaborative atmosphere that fosters confidence and provides the talent with the tools they need to shine during the shoot. For example, we might offer a series of prompts or questions to help elicit the type of off-the-cuff dialogue that is so authentic it just can’t be written. It’s been our experience that when the talent feels that they are using their own words, they’re having more fun and their performance is exponentially better.

In both the print and motion photography on this shoot, we are looking for those magic moments between the moments: a stifled giggle, a sideways glance or an unexpected gesture. It’s these details that give the women personality and approachability. Because we are using real people, we would recommend shooting at least one extra talent. That way we have the luxury of using the best takes in the edit.


For both the motion and still productions, the lighting will be thoughtfully and meticulously planned in order to create a lush, uniform ambience throughout all of the shots. DOVE immediately invokes a sense of freshness and sophistication, an element that will already be reflected in the playfulness and energy of the women we shoot, but will be underscored by gorgeously shot daylight — a modern, soft white luminosity that seems to emanate gently from everywhere at once.

For tighter shots, we can soften the lighting just slightly and illuminate each woman’s individual beauty — giving a sense of natural ease to their movements and expressions as they speak to us.