ASICS // Fitness


Movement, in every sense of the word, is the core of this campaign. These ASICS films put forward the radical notion that “a group working to advance their ideas” has no separation from “the act of changing physical location” — that movement is dynamic because each facet of the word itself informs the others. Movement’s definitions imply a creative symbiosis: Push yourself out of your mental and physical comfort zones and see how your ideas push forward into the world. Push your ideas forward into the world and see how they push others out of their mental and physical comfort zones.

Movement inspires connection.

That there is no sound mind without a sound body is a given, it’s part of the ASICS DNA. This is where the heart and pulse of all stories lay. The heroes of this campaign represent a new kind of artist – one that understands movement is a catalyst for collaboration and creative expression: There is no inspired mind without an inspired body.

ASICS, I Move Me describes a spirit we all feel viscerally, but understand only liminally. It’s both intimate and universal, felt and factual. It’s non-linear, but with a clear through line. These are exactly the kinds of abstract challenges I love crafting into visual pieces.

As I pour my heart and soul with passion into the following deck, my goal is to achieve and establish just a fraction of the ASICS re-brand. Allowing us to move forward, deeper into this unique and substantial vision-quest of what each of these incredible films could and will look like. I can’t wait to get started.


Life isn’t a problem to solve but a reality to experience.

In a way, these films are tone pieces. Each one has built-in non-linear elements that allow viewers to engage with them on an emotional level. However, I feel strongly that unless tone is anchored in intention, the end result can feel half-baked. In order to find that intention, I had to dig a little deeper into what it is that resonates with me so strongly about the concept of the I Move Me campaign.

As we’ve established, this campaign is about movement. However, what are we moving towards? What is it that keeps our storytellers inspired enough to continue moving forward with their whole hearts, unapologetically? One answer for me was unity. Each one of our storytellers is driven by the instinct for human connection, which we’re underlining beautifully by showing them in collaboration with one another. I decided to use this as a compass point to help ground the structure, tone and vibe of each film.

I want each storyteller to take us on a journey. I want to hear about their unique perspective on life and movement, about their passions and inspirations, about how they connect to mind and body. What is their movement of choice? How does it create momentum towards their goals, better their craft and unify them in collaboration?

These films will be grounded in the concept of unity and connection, but we’ll still manage to manipulate and bend reality into something felt via camera, sound and edit. For example, we’ll be exploring the texture and beauty of a diversity of locations — streets, warehouses, gyms, desert landscapes, skate parks and suburbs, but by capturing them with the idea that they all share a common humanity elevates the imagery beyond the usual eye candy. At the core of each of these locations are people moving through them with purpose, in search of balance. Having this philosophy in mind creates something palpable under all the cinematic beauty.

We never lose site of our hero products. Footwear and Apparel will always appear in a cool and effortless way (in-situ) as it organically jives with each performance instigated from Movement told via our storytellers. It will never feel forced or shoved in your face, rather it’s the trigger that ties all of our story together. It’s the “insightful instigator” because everything we see simply is part of the organic lifestyle we are capturing. Nothing feels fabricated.

ASICS always creating movement towards unity is what links every part of these films — our storytellers coming together for collaboration and physical routines, such as Running, Boxing, hiking, HIIT trainings, just name a few as we connect them through visual blendings of mixed media formats (16mm, VHS and an ARRI Alexa), juxtaposing interview audio with music and sound effects. I believe that by setting this tone, we’re tapping into something uplifting that this generation already understands instinctually and by presenting it to them in a beautiful, cinematic wrapper, it will feel fresh and unique.