DOVE // Beauty


And thanks for thinking of me for this amazing project. Every woman wants flake-free hair, but why should dandruff protection come at the cost of smoothness and shine? Well now, it doesn’t have to. We’re going to show how Dove Dermacare offers the best of both worlds— and we’re going to do it with a real experiment using real women. Healthy, gorgeous hair with no flakes in sight? We got this!

Now lets get started!


Ask any woman about her hair and she’ll tell you—hair is more than just hair. It’s a part of her look. Her style. Her personality. And when it comes to haircare, she shouldn’t have to compromise health and manageability to live flake-free. Because healthy hair is about more than just treating dandruff. It’s about getting soft, touchable, natural hair that feels as good as it looks!

This campaign is more than just a fresh take on your typical beauty spot, it’s a wake-up call to women everywhere that thanks to Dove, there’s finally a dandruff shampoo that both treats AND pampers her hair. With a clean visual style, relatable performances and a uniquely authentic take on the “product experiment,” this campaign will show women just how well Dove Dermacare performs next to to the competition. And once they try it, they’ll never look back!


...that’s the look that sets Dove apart from the rest, and with this spot we’re going to emphasize the authentic beauty the brand is known for. This isn’t your typical beauty spot, after all. It’s a revealing look at a modern woman whose everyday beauty struggles and insecurities reflect our own. To capture this feeling of authenticity, we’ll shoot with long lenses and keep the camera work loose, with some subtle, elegant movement that allows us to capture our subject as intimately as possible. We’ll also keep the lighting soft and natural, making sure it flatters Karen while giving us some interesting contrast.


Our living room and bathroom settings will be mostly white and neutral, with warmer natural elements that emphasize care. Organic fabrics and textiles. Natural colors. Warm wood, sleek surfaces and soft, touchable textures. This is the kind of inviting space every woman can see herself in. Clean, but never clinical. Modern, but not trendy. It speaks to the naturalness and authenticity that is the heart and soul of the Dove brand. And most importantly, it helps create the warm, real atmosphere we’re after without distracting from our experiment.


As a director, it’s always important to me that my subjects are more than just pretty faces. They’re real women with personalities and lives outside the camera, and I aim to bring that out in every shot. My approach with interviews is to make sure the subjects feel comfortable, to reassure them there is no “right” answer and that we will always edit them to make them look their best. I like to stay right next to the lens and to keep things as conversational as pos- sible – especially for projects like these where we’re looking for more than a soundbite, we’re looking for real moments. And above all, I like to keep the camera rolling and a second lens roaming to look for those revealing little looks and gestures that feel authentic and speak volumes.